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What is ShellLight?
ShellLight is essentially a graphical shell for Silverlight applications that enables a quick auto-complete launcher for features in your solution.

ShellLight Desktop

ShellLight Demo, Try it out!

Products that use Shell Light
Kanbana - improve your personal productivity

Benefits as an End User:
- fast access to any feature in the system through shelllight launcher
- fast startup even when the system start to grow (feature modules is loaded in the background)
- full keyboard control
- you will allways know what the system is dooing through joblist progress bars
- well known windows7-like user experience

Benefits as a developer
- only by deriving from UICommand your views becomes accessable in the shell
- you don't have to worry about windows state handling
- you don't have to worry about creating menus or buttons every time you create a new view
- you can easily change the behaviour of your view through appropiate attributes (fx AttachToTray, RequiresEevatedTrust or KeyboardShortcut)
- easily use of conventions over configuration
- ShellLight will generally try to help you create a uniform and scallable UI with minimal developer effort

The Overall Goal
When business applications grow they tend to reach a limit where it becomes hard to comprehend the large number of features.
Instead of creating static menus and menu items for every single feature we believe in the searchable launcher approach like windows7 and SpotLight. Instead of letting the developer worry about it, the shell will automatically wire up the featues and make them available in an effective and easily understanding way.

Requires Silverlight 4, why?
- Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) is used to decouple the feature modules from ShellLight itself
- ICommand and databining to buttons is used to simplify the UI code

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